Missing Diamonds

By: Heather Hartwell

Missing Diamonds by: Heather Hartwell

“ It's finally mine, all mine, Helen Fanshier will be the richest girl in the world!”

“ Wait it’s missing a diamond.”

“ NO, it can’t be, where is it, WHERE IS IT!!”

“Don't yell we will be heard!!”

“ We have to find it, we have to!”

“Helen we must flee someone’s coming!”

“ We can get another one and no one will know the difference.”

“ RUN! Leave nothing behind!”

“Hello is anyone there?” I said tiptoeing down the stairs. I thought I heard

muted voices. “ Hello?” I turned into the Precious Treasures Exhibit and almost fainted. “ MOM,” I screamed, “ MOM IT’S GONE THE NECKLACE IS GONE.”


He entered the Museum scanning everything with calm, blue eyes. He had brown hair, fair skin, broad shoulders and was about 6-2. He wore a brown knee length coat with huge pockets, dark blue jeans and lightly worn dress shoes. He looked at me holding my crying mother and smiled an uncomfortable, kind smile.

“Hello,” he said in a blank tone.

“Hi,” I said weakly, my mom looked up and jumped up and cheered in desperation.

“Oh thank heavens it's you was getting worried you wouldn't come.”

I pulled on her skirt and asked “ Who is he?” He chuckled and walked over to me, knelt down so he was eye level with me and held out his hand.

“ I’m detective Roan E. Baldor.” I shook his hand and said, “ I’m Rose W. Lee,” trying to make my name seem as important as his.

“ Nice to meet you Rose. What happened here?” he said looking at my mom. The next few minutes she explained what happened before we called the police. He listened to every detail and asked to me to repeat what happened as well. I don't know why but, I did. His face was stern as he listened closely, as we if we're to give him the answer.

“Can I see the room where the necklace was held?”

“Of course, Rose can show you, I don’t want to go near that room.”

He raised one eyebrow but said nothing as I showed him to the exhibit. Once inside the exhibit room he asked, “Why does you mom not want to go near this room?” he asked as he looked all around the room turning in circles.

“ It’s because she does not want to see her necklace is missing or does not want to mess up important clues.”

“ And you're not afraid?”

“ No, because unlike my mom, I’m not so clumsy.”

“ Now is this where the necklace was before the theft.” I looked to where he was pointing. He was pointing to the open spot of an old exhibit that was away for repair, on the wall of the circular room.

“No,” I said plainly “That piece is in for repair, it was over here.” I pointed to the center display case.Then something caught my eye, I looked over but saw nothing. He studied the glass surrounding the case as I walked around the room. I have a nervous habit of whistling out of the corner of my mouth when I’m nervous, without noticing I started whistling Lion of the Mountain King in two octaves. On the highest note he holds up his finger and said,

“ What note is that?”

Surprised I said,“ High E flat. I think?”

Then again I saw the sparkle of something on the floor and this was not imagination. As I bent down to see what it was, Mr. Baldor starts whistling high E flat much louder than I had.

“ I thought so,” he marveled out loud as he gave the glass an all mighty flick and a perfectly concealed circle fell in. As he busied himself with the case I looked at what I had picked up, No it can’t be,

“Found anything?” asked Baldor,


“What?” he said surprised, bumping his head on the glass case.

“Yes I found something you should see.” He walked over rubbing the back his head. His eyes got big as he looked closer. In my hand was a diamond from the necklace.

“ It’s the one from the right side.”

“How can you tell?” asked Baldor

“ That one was always lose Mr.Baldor.”

“ Please call me Roan.”


“ Hmm, so whoever stole this necklace is fairly rich to even rent a cutter that good,” he said pointing to the glass hole. “ Now this,” looking around he said, “Is there any other way to get into this room?”

“No and mom locks the door before she goes bed.”




“ It was unlocked when I came down the stairs!”


“How many keys to this room are there?”


“Where are they?”

Counting of on my fingers I said, “I have one under my pillow, Mom has one she never lets out of her sight...”

I paused trying to remember, “One at the bottom of the Atlantic with my, dad....” my voice trailed off remembering my dad.

“I- I’m sorry if I stirred up bad memories.”

Shaking my head I said, “It's ok, he died serving his country. He was in the Navy.”

“ Aaah, and the fourth one?”

“My aunt Helen has it.” Thinking hard he asked if we had cameras or audio tapes. “No,” I reply, “ Can't afford them.”

“Has your aunt come here before.”

Confused,I answer, “ Yeah. She’s always looking at the....”

“ Get the connection, she is the only person outside this household with a key to this room.”

“ W-what should we do? Mom won't blame Helen if the necklace is missing! She’s family. We have to get it back!”

“ Do you know where she lives?”

“ Yeah, in the mansion in the woods, been there lots of times.”

“ All right I think I have a plan.”


“Are you sure you can do this?” Roan asks, handing me the fake earring.

“Yes, I know this household and the people better than you so it will be easy. Why, having second thoughts?”

Smiling, he knocked on my aunt's front door as I hid behind him. All the clues lead to her, I thought, the glass, only Helen could get her hands on a machine that could do that, and she always wanted the necklaces. She was so mad when grandma gave it to my mom. The door opened and David the butler looked at Roan. “What are you here for?”

“ I would like to talk to the mistress of the house, about the stolen necklace. She could give me information to help with this case.”

“ C-c-come in.” He stuttered, which was very odd for him. He walked faster than normal and shook a lot . As he left the room Roan was supposed to wait in, I whispered what I saw to Roan.

“ Hmmm...” he said and nodded. I slipped out of the room just as Helen was coming in.

“Hello!” she said cheery as ever and with that I slipped around the corner behind the curtain to see David running towards the back of the house.Curious, I followed him ducking behind things when he looked back. I was always a fast runner and being small was in my favor in a house with big furniture. He ran downstairs. Out of breath I slid down the railing, landing like a cat at the bottom. I’ve never been downstairs before so I watched David mimicking his every move. Soon we reached a dead end all the way in the back. On the wall was a key pad. Hiding behind the corner I watched him punch in the code 9-4-3-7-5-0-1 in the key pad. What is he up to? This is a dead end? Then the wall in front of him slid up and he ran into the room behind the wall. I darted in after him repeating the code under my breath so I would remember it just in case.

“ Thank the gods it’s still here!” he exclaimed.

Hiding behind a plant, I saw in the center of the room on a pedestal was the necklace! Looking closely I saw it was missing the one diamond from the right side. Fingering the diamond I still had in my pocket I watched as David paced back and forth whispering to himself, “None shall pass, none shall pass. Not till HE leaves.”

I counted out my options, I could run at him and attack, but... he will probably win. I could go get Roan but.... looking at the wall where I had come in no door remained. Fiddling in my pockets I had a marker, the diamond, a dollar, some string and a washer I found on the floor of Roan’s car. Brushing away my hair I felt something on my ear. The earring that Roan gave me was a tracking device, I almost forgot. I pressed the stud to the back piece and turned it on. Then I took out the marker in my pocket and, careful not to move the leaves of the plant, I wrote 9-4- 3-7-5-0-1 on my arm and pulled my sleeve over it. I waited for what seemed like forever. Soon I heard footsteps outside.

David heard them too and got ready to attack. When the door opened it was like a bull and a ram butting horns. David lunged, Roan dodged and kicked him in the back, but David got back up and punched Roan in the gut. I took the opportunity to dash from my hiding spot, grab the necklace, and before anyone noticed, I hid back behind the plant. I have to hide it, but my pockets are too small. Thinking fast I pull down my black turtleneck sweater collar and put on the necklace. It was a lot heavier than I first thought. I replaced the collar and watched as handcuffs were put on David. I was about to stand up when a mad shriek erupted from the hall. Helen was standing there horrified.

Roan stood up and said she was under arrest for theft. She bolted. Roan tried to run but David reached and grabbed his leg. Without thinking I bolted after her.

“No!” yelled Roan but I ignored him. I had a slight advantage over Helen for I was fast and wearing gym shoes and she had heels. Trailing her, she was faster than I thought. Soon I found two shoes in the hallway, pink 3” heels. Quickening my pace I saw a piece of fabric hanging from the door leading to the roof. I ran up the steps two at a time, the necklace bouncing under my sweater. I got to the roof and found Helen standing on the edge of the roof, barefoot, dress torn, hair undone holding another necklace like the one I was wearing over the edge.

“ So it was my one and only niece that decided to rat me out, well look, here is that precious necklace your mom loves so much. If you come one step closer I will drop it into the lake where it will be ruined forever!” I froze and put my hand on my neck feeling the necklace .

I found the empty place where the diamond in my pocket is supposed to go. Scanning the other necklace she was holding there was a diamond in the right hand spot where there should be a hole. With a evil smirk she yelled, “What are you gonna do?”



“ I said fine throw it in the lake, I never liked it anyway.”

“ What are you playing at. This is your family treasure!”

“ So what, I don’t care, I just want you to get away from the edge!” I could not help but to hide the depression in my voice. I still loved her even if she stole the necklace. She always had a greedy heart. Scanning my face she tossed the fake into the lake with a slash then walked towards me. As she passed me Roan sprang from the door and I got behind Helen.

“W-w- what, NO,” she screamed as Roan approached with handcuffs. She turned to me and yelled, “First you lose your necklace then you let me be arrested without a tear?”

“Why should I cry? The necklaces is fine and you are a thief.” Her face was in shock, “You saw me throw it over the edge and you really think it will be ok?”

“ That one was a fake.”

“ What, how did you know!”

“ For one thing, it had the right diamond in place when the real diamond is still in my pocket...”


“And I’m wearing the real necklace.” I pulled down my collar to reveal the necklace and held up the missing diamond.

“ I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU , YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!!” she screamed as two police officers dragged her away. Roan ran up to me out of breath. “ Rose are you alright, what happened?”

I explained the chase and her throwing the fake in the pond. “ That was a smart trick, grabbing the necklace and puting it on but, don’t scare me like that.”

“ I couldn't let her get away.”

“ I know, good job though, you know ,you would make a good sidekick.”

“ Really!”

“ Sure, but the department might say otherwise. You’re only 10 remember.”

“ So, I’m small, observant and fast, mom home schools me so I won't take long and I would love to be a detective someday.”

With a chuckle he said, “Come on, let’s get you home and return the necklace.” My mom threw a party for the return of her necklace, which ended with putting the missing diamond back in the slot. Roan suggested the sidekick idea to my mom. She wrinkled her nose and shrugged, “Well It's probably better for her instead of her standing around all day.” With a smile she said yes as long as he promised not to teach me how to use a gun until I was older. The next day was lots of fun as we argued or I should say debated the Department Chief to let me be his sidekick. After a good 4 hours we backed him into a corner and he agreed. So from that day on whenever Roan got a call I came with him and on the open days caught up on school. Mom got a night guard and cameras installed. The glass of the case was replaced and the necklace polished and displayed in it’s rightful place. Even the missing diamond was in place.