The Magical World of Unicorns


The Magical World of Unicorns: A Brief Overview of Unicorns and their Magic

Written by Emma the Magical Unicorn Goddess

Why are you here? There are three main options:

A. You believe in unicorns and want to know more about them

B. You don't believe in unicorns and came here to see what "ridiculous stuff" I was "making up"

C. You just happened to come across this page and will be leaving shortly (Please don't leave!)

If your answer was A, thank you for believing in unicorns AND for coming to this page for information. If your answer was B, I really hope this page may sway you in your decision about the reality of unicorns. If you read through this page and are still not swayed, that is perfectly fine, but please respect those who think unicorns are real. If your answer was C, thank you for finding this website and if you could please take a 538-question survey on the page after you are done with it, the link will be hidden somewhere in the page.

So, shall we get started?

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For information on the implications of the unicorn in the modern world, click here.

For information on the first unicorn in existence, click here.

For a series of unicorn pictures, click here.